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 Prentiss Baker III

You guys run a wonderful program and are giving much leadership and doing much good for our nonprofits in the area. I know that you can be a huge benefit to our organization in areas where I am sure we need help.

 Matt Young

As a business person and someone who wants to make a good  investment, Mission Triangle is a lay-up.

 Cliff Benson, II

We give to Mission Triangle as a way to cover our city because they’re working with so many nonprofits in so many different sectors. It’s a way that I can feel I can leverage my gift to bless the community.

 Matt and Marilyn Young

When we give to Mission Triangle, we know that it's a very leveraged gift, by which we are able to be a part of God's work in a broad way that we'd have no capability to do individually.


Hear From Our

to givers’ real questions, which leads to givers’ confidence increasing, which leads to more generosity which leads to the city rejoicing and everyone winning.

We Help Nonprofits Get


"Everyone gets in on it"

1 Corinthians 12:4-7 (MSG)

 Chuck Nichols

Mission Triangle consulting exceeded our expectations. They have  resources in place for evaluating the need of the nonprofit organization and helping them implement strategies to thrive.

Robin Brege

I regret that I have not engaged more fully in the past four years, this material is invaluable, and my work as a Chair would have been more effective. The best thing I can do now is engage my predecessor. 

Veneetha Risner

Seeing people turn their passion into something that changes lives, I get really excited, but nonprofit leaders don’t always know how to lead a growing organization. Mission Triangle teaches the core competencies essential to flourish and provides a community of encouragement and support.

Jill McElya

We are new to Mission Triangle and we had previously been traveling out to Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management to get this information that Mission Triangle has provided for free with excellency and with relational support.


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2020 End of Year Recap


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Fund the Acceleration of a Nonprofit’s Growth 

You desire to be a confident steward. We help nonprofits develop real answers to your real questions. Partner with us so that the nonprofits you love get community and a pathway to health and sustainability.

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