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Training takes place on a quarterly rhythm throughout the year and is open to the public at no cost. Attending our workshops and small groups simply requires completion of a registration form, find additional details below.

Small Groups

Following each quarterly workshop there are 3-5 Small Groups that generally occur once a week on topics associated with the corresponding workshop that need more attention. Small groups typically last 90 minutes and are designed for nonprofit leaders to begin working to apply the principles within their organization.


Workshops are generally in-person gatherings that are 3 hours in length and cover one of the six Mission Triangle core competency topics. The Baseline Health Assessment is woven into each workshop so that each nonprofit can improve in their respective needed areas.


PathWay is our digital learning platform for nonprofits. PathWay offers unlimited access to faith-inspired core trainings, tools, and materials to empower leaders to learn at their own pace and build community with other leaders.

Teaching structure and systems to enhance efficiency

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