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Coaching sessions can be held in person, through video conference technology, or over the phone.

  • Mission Triangle core competencies related to organization health and sustainability

  • Growth Plan debrief, discussion, and planning

  • Mission Triangle resources and tools

    • Baseline Health Assessment (BHA) overview, usage, and utility (BHA orientation) for organizational growth

    • Orientation to Mission Triangle’s digital learning system, Pathway.

    • Nonprofit Portal overview/training/usage for organization

Coaching is a “no cost” service offered to nonprofits who attend Mission Triangle quarterly workshops and serves as a catalyst for identifying the next best steps, actions, or initiatives to take post-workshop.

Coaching sessions are 30-60 minutes in length and can cover a variety of topics:

Implementation lies at the intersection of the “know how” and the “how to” of nonprofit best practices within the unique needs and dynamics of your organization. We realize that no two nonprofits are alike, so through implementation services we aim to come alongside and help nonprofits make practical meaning and application of key learnings within the context of your organization.

If you have questions about coaching or consulting, contact the implementation team.

If you are interested in coaching or in discussing a consulting project, complete the online interest form.

A partnership in which Mission Triangle professionals guide the individualized application of nonprofit best practices toward health and sustainability

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