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Video lessons, questions, and quizzes to help you excel in our core competencies such as board governance, transformational fundraising, strategic planning, and more.

Core Trainings

Legal and financial fundamentals taught by industry professionals.

Supplemental Topics

Interviews with experts and discussions with experienced nonprofit leaders.

Real Life Applications

A dedicated network of nonprofit leaders and champions learning and growing alongside you.

Learning Community



Unlimited access to faith – inspired core trainings, tools, and materials to empower leaders to learn at their own pace and build community with other leaders.

Resources and content created uniquely for nonprofits.

A strategic solution for time-crunched nonprofits.




PathWay is available to registrants 24/7, 365 days a year, empowering your staff and board members to learn at their own pace and convenience.


PathWay equips the leaders of your organization to level-set, collectively identify priorities, and generate a plan of action to move forward.

Always Improving

PathWay recognizes that a healthy and sustainable nonprofit requires continual assessment, training, refinement, and adapting.

Likewise, PathWay is a dynamic platform, regularly updated with content and courses!

All Together

PathWay expands our existing community and fosters connections between nonprofits through information sharing, accountability, and encouragement.

It’s most effective when used in community and as a means of supplementing our proven process of assessing, training, and implementing.

A Digital Learning Platform for Nonprofits

In their

own words

Our board, staff, and ministry partners span 11 time zones. We appreciate the community and programs that Mission Triangle has provided to us in Raleigh, but we are equally excited to have many resources on demand and available to our team members and ministry partners who are working around the globe.

Sarah Beth Fentress

Executive Director

127 Worldwide

As a new nonprofit, this resource will be invaluable to us in our journey.

Kristina Wise

Executive Director

Spiritual Healing Sisterhood

What a gift PathWay is for our community. As a sponsor of many nonprofits, we are thrilled to have this resource that local leaders can turn to when needed.

Brandi Gerew

CAE, CMP, Vice President


I am truly impressed with the excellence, ease, and applicability of Mission Triangle’s PathWay. I look forward to continuing my own learning and sharing it with others.

Steve Barr

Board Member

Side by Side

*50% discount for all organizations with an operating budget (last completed fiscal year) of less than $100K.

To inquire about 25+ users or for other questions, email





2 months free

11-25 USERS





2 months free





2 months free


6-10 USERS




Not ready to subscribe yet?

Check out our library and preview some courses that you might like to take.


Eric Syfrett
Mission Triangle Training Consultant


Daniel Alexander
Mission Triangle Training Consultant


Monica Pigues
Mission Triangle Training Consultant


Dee Labriola
Mission Triangle Training Consultant


James Forrest
Mission Triangle Training Consultant


Kristen Hoyle
Mission Triangle Training Consultant


Meet the

  • Currently, you can find courses such as “Nonprofit Essentials,” “Board Governance,” “Strategic Planning,” “Legal Fundamentals,” “Transformational Fundraising,” and “Financial Fundamentals.” Coming soon: “Org. Measurement” and “Staff Leadership.” Stay tuned for much more!

  • Absolutely! There will be many editable tools and templates for you to use. Additionally, if you attend in-person workshops or small groups, any tools utilized will be uploaded to your PathWay account (formerly known as “The Portal”).

  • As you complete the BHA each year, your organizational summary results will be immediately available in your PathWay account. Additionally, we are happy to walk through your full BHA report in an official BHA Review. Please contact us for more details.

  • New courses will be added to PathWay on a regular basis. We anticipate adding at least three new courses each year, and current subscribers will be the first to know! Additionally, if there are courses that you do not see but are interested in, please let us know and we will try to move them up the list!

  • Yes. At any point, you can update your subscription, and you will be billed accordingly, beginning the following month. If you do choose the annual payment option (two months free!) and would like to increase your subscription, you will be charged the difference within 30 days. If you decide to cancel or reduce your subscription, your next annual payment will reflect the change, but we are not able to offer refunds.

  • For sure! As a PathWay user, you can reach out to us with any questions about PathWay and even to engage in our consulting services.

  • Yes, please! The nonprofit community is always looking for good people and PathWay can help you get ready. Simply mark that your budget is less than $100K and you will receive a 50% discount for your efforts!

  • In the future we plan to provide a downloadable certificate of completion for all courses completed. We are not able to provide official CEU or other Professional Development credits.

  • Yes. As with most subscriptions, you may cancel at any point and the cancellation will be reflected on the next billing cycle (annual or monthly).


Since 1994, Mission Triangle has been working alongside nonprofits, equipping them with what they need most – tools to become proficient and excellent in the core competencies required to be a healthy, sustainable, and thriving nonprofit.

The number one request we’ve received from nonprofits since then was for 24/7 access to these tools and trainings. So we developed PathWay, our online solution that gives nonprofits unlimited access to core trainings, tools, and materials, empowering leaders to move at their own learning pace, build community with other leaders, and ultimately, expand Kingdom impact.

Don’t let your nonprofit become a statistic. Subscribe to PathWay today! Because when nonprofits are healthy and sustainable, impact expands and the community wins.







Did you

50% of United States-based nonprofits close their doors within the first 10 years of opening. 

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